Don grew up exploring the fields and forests of western New York as a lover of nature, wildlife and of simply being outdoors. From an early age he knew that he wanted to travel, to explore and to see things with his own eyes. After an enlistment in the US Air Force, he attended the University of South Florida and earned a degree in Zoology. His initial job after graduation was as a field technician on an endangereed species project, where he first picked up a camera and discovered his true calling - outdoor and travel photography.   With a camera and the simple goal of showcasing the positive aspects of our world, his journeys  began taking him on adventures into faraway lands. Before meeting Anya, Don often visited foreign countries but he always wanted to travel long term without a return ticket. Finally after Anya agreed to go with him, he got his chance and went traveling as a true vagabond - no return ticket, no time limits - just a small backpack and an open mind.  

Anya was born in Western Siberia in a city called Novokuznetsk.  It is the industrial center of the region with a population of more than half a million people. The city and the region both offer plenty of opportunities for education, entertainment and a happy life in general. Anya lived the regular life of a city kid that included going to school (then college, then university), hanging out with her friends and occasional trips with her parents and older brother to the Black Sea Coast  or to visit relatives in different parts of Russia. The biggest adventure of her life was to begin learning karate at 18 years old and to take part in numerous competitions, both as fighter and later as a black-belt-holding judge. Actually it was  her biggest adventure until she met Don...

Don and Anya met each other on Skype back in 2010. A few months later they met in person in Siberia and started to plan their long 21 month journey that would change their lives forever. During their travels, Don and Anya got engaged in Montenegro and married on the beach in the Dominican Republic. What began as a simple friendship between an American man and a Russian girl ended in an amazing partnership where these two vagabonds travel through life together. After settling down in the United States the two of them continue to take trips all over the world - they have visited many islands of the South Pacific, much of South America, and several places in Western Europe, adding 17 more countries to their history. As of May, 2016 Don has been to 70 countries and Anya - to 42. When not traveling, they  live in Parker, Colorado.


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