“I didn’t know how long this journey would last. I didn’t know if I’d survive. I certainly didn’t realize that this was the start of an almost two year voyage which would include falling in love, getting engaged, then married - all the while discovering endless places and countless things about the world and about myself. But I was ready to enter the realm of true, long-term independent travel which I’d heard so much about…

These are the photos and the story of my adventure."

A Photographer's Eye And A Traveler's Heart

by Don Mammoser

In late 2010, professional photographer Don Mammoser began an open-ended, world-wide journey of discovery. He took with him just a backpack, a camera and one lens. A female acquaintance, Anya, from Russia accompanied him on a trial basis at first, then permanently after their traveling romance flourished.
Together, the couple moved non-stop across the earth for twenty-one months. They traveled as local people and with local people the entire time. This means that they rode on camels and elephants, in countless tuk-tuks, motorbikes, and on untold overcrowded buses. They went via dugout canoes, old bikes, kayaks, river tubes, and endless boats, ferries and other assorted floating devices. They survived numerous typhoons, food poisoning, a crashed motorbike, wildlife encounters, injuries, and decrepit Indonesian ferries. They were caught in angry oceans, often dealt with inhospitable immigration authorities and got eaten alive by more mosquitoes and leeches than they care to remember. They visited 28 countries on 4 continents.  
During their travels, Don and Anya got engaged in Montenegro and married on the beach in the Dominican Republic. What began as a simple friendship between an American man and a Russian girl ended in an amazing partnership where these two vagabonds travel through life together, attempting to simply have an uncommon existence.
This book is one chapter in their story, told through gorgeous, full-color photography along with plenty of personal prose.



Description:    Hard-cover, full color coffee table book with  laminated dust jacket

ISBN-13:            9780692553077

Publisher:        Vagabond Photographers Publishing

Publish Date:   December 18, 2015

Pages:                 196

Dimensions:    9 (w) * 12 (h) *1.5 (d)

Price:                  $34.95 USA