Don Mammoser is a professional photographer and photo tour leader. Don (with Anya's assistance) takes people all over the world showing them new places and helping them get new experiences and great photos. If  you want to join this adventurous couple for one of their tours, check out the list below for a location that perhaps you've always wanted to visit. Let's go places (and don't forget your camera)!

Tuscany & Florence Cultural Photo Tour
May 3-12, 2016


The light and the landscape of the Tuscany region in Italy simply has to be experienced to be believed. If ever there was a perfect place to be a photographer, Tuscany is it. Golden light streaks across the horizon, making the endless rows of grapevines, fruit trees, and fields of flowers glow with an incredible warmth. Ancient villas, chapels and farmhouses are nestled below rolling hills, and blue skies are filled with puffy clouds.

Coast of Italy Cultural Photo Tour
May 12-20, 2016


Wedged between the Piedmont and the Mediterranean Sea, this region in Italy offers stunning vistas at every turn. The famous Cinque Terre (five lands) are a group of impossibly located fishing villages which still retain their ancient way of life, and their small-town feel as they cling to the coast. The entire Cinque Terre region is a UNESCO World Heritage site and encompasses some of the most dramatic coastline in all the world.

Grand Teton National Park Photo Tour
June 14-18, 2016


The Grand Tetons just might be America’s most impressive mountain range. The reason these peaks look so awesome is because they rise directly out of a flat plain without any foothills to block the views. These mountains can be seen for hundreds of miles in all directions. And we’ll be up close and personal with the entire range during this tour.

Yellowstone National Park Photo Tour
June 18-22, 2016


Yellowstone National Park just might be America’s most interesting natural wonder. Everywhere we go, we’ll witness and photograph impressive geysers, colorful hot springs and mud pools, giant waterfalls, flowing rivers, flowers, and of course wildlife!

Arches National Park Photo Tour
August 31 - September 4, 2016


Arches & Canyonlands. For nature photographers these places conjure images of fantastic colors, lines, shapes, and magical light, of mysterious landscapes, and dramatic scenery. Arches and Canyonlands are two of the country’s premier national parks for any landscape photographer, and we’ll spend time in both parks on this tour.

Canadian Rockies Photo Tour
September 20-25, 2016


The Canadian Rockies contain some of the most impressive mountain scenery in the world. Jagged peaks rise above azure blue lakes and soar into intense blue skies. Mountain streams cascade over boulders and valley lips creating impressive waterfalls. We'll photograph at the magic times of sunrise and sunset below snowcapped peaks, and at lakesides everyday.

Primates of Borneo Cultural Photo Tour
October 2-16, 2016


Straddling the equator and located in Southeast Asia, Borneo is the World’s third largest island. This land of jungle and rainforest contains a staggering array of biodiversity. 11,000 species of plants, including over 700 types of trees is just the beginning of the life here. Red-haired orangutans swing through those trees, monkeys and macaques seemingly cavort everywhere and there are well over 350 species of birds. Add to this an endless variety of butterflies, moths and other insects, and you’ve got a place like no other on Earth.